Research and development for the plastics industry

Project overview


Pre-competitive R&D projects

  • CRoCoMold – development of a manufacturing process for alternative production of thin-walled plastic precision optics
  • KeraForm – development of hybrid mould inserts using ceramic composites
  • ProPumpe – development of an innovative demoulding technology for injection moulding tools for single-component manufacturing of injection-moulded 3D pump impellers
  • RFID insert moulding – process and quality management technology
  • 3D-CVD – CVD process and layer development
  • DSS – processes and process monitoring methods using thin-film sensors
  • DGG system
  • Development of a pyrotechnic pressure-and-gas generator based on a nitrocellulose system to replace metallic pressure cartridges with plastics
  • Chemical vapour deposition for plastics processing tooling
  • Surface analysis on moulded parts
  • Resistive surface heating


Further information is available via download tips listed below.

The current research projects are sponsored by the following organisations:

  • German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)
  • German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi)
  • Industry





PDF Downloads:

CVD Prozess und Schichtentwicklung

Oberflächenanalyse Formteile

Resistive Oberflächenheizung

Oberflächenanalyse Formteile