Research and development for the plastics industry


Wir Beitrag

The task of the non-profit organisation KIMW Forschungs-GmbH is to support in particular plastics processing companies in South Westphalia in their research and development work and to be available as a contact partner. The objective is to secure competitiveness for the German plastics industry through mutually beneficial, application-oriented and fundamental R&D activities, by establishing and maintaining innovation leadership, developing know-how and sharing knowledge. This means consistent continuation of the work performed by the KIMW team over the last decades in the form of self-financed preliminary research projects. Especially in the areas of surface and coating technology and also in combination with processing tools, an extensive pool of know-how has been developed in recent years.


The sole shareholder of the non-profit research institution is the registered association “Trägergesellschaft Kunststoff-Institut Lüdenscheid” with more than 380 members from the industry, public administration and universities.

Scientific advisors

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Ujma supports the Management as scientific advisor.

Scientific partners

Scientific partners are research institutions inside and outside universities, which contribute to the implementation of research projects. Moreover, access to a comprehensive infrastructure of laboratories and technical labs is provided by the scientific partners.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees’ task is to support and advise the Management in scientific and technical engineering matters. The members of the Board of Trustees influence the strategic alignment of and the major topics addressed by the research institution in pre-competitive research and development, and contribute their scientific expertise in formulating and supporting projects.

Technical Advisory Board

The Technical Advisory Board is a committee to advise the Management consisting exclusively of representatives from the industry. This committee serves as the voice of the industry to discuss further developments, areas of research and research subjects and thus to influence the orientation of KIMW-F. The investment plan is also presented to by this committee.


Trägergesellschaft e.V. (parent association)

Board of Trustees
12 members

Gemeinnützige KIMW
Forschungs-GmbH (non-profit association)

Technical Advisory Board
9 members