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Testing-/ analysis technology

Regardless of whether for testing, qualification or characterisation of parts or materials: here you are at the right address in every case. Our state-of-the-art plastic laboratory with its ultra-modern equipment offers you top-quality testing facilities and all important methods of analysis on two floors.

We use our equipment to investigate thermal, chemical and other material attributes. In so doing, we draw on internationally standardised methods of plastics and product testing, mostly accredited according to ISO 17025, as well as our own intuition and experience. In this way, we are capable not only of accomplishing your standard tasks but also of supporting you in solving less conventional problems. Our close cooperation with the other specialist departments of our institution ensures the best possible service for your concern. Your individual problems require individual counselling. We will be glad to take the necessary time.

Our main areas of specialisation are:

  • Automotive testing according to common standards of the OEM, for example artificial aging, media storage, emission analysis, burn tests and mechanical testing
  • Materials testing e.g. for the determination of mechanical and thermal properties
  • surface testing technology like scratching and abrasion tests, colour and gloss measurements, topography and layer thickness measurements
  • Plastic analysis for material identification by spectroscopy (IR, EDX), thermal analysis (DSC, TGA, TMA, DMA, LFA) and chromatography (GC/MS, SEC)Optical analysis by reflected and transmitted light microscopy, SEM and CT
  • Failure analysis of plastic parts and surface finishing
  • Individual and interdisciplinary consulting for enquiries that are not covered by standards for plastic testing and analysis

You are looking for a laboratory for plastics and coatings. Challenge us! We would be happy to take the time for a non-binding, personal discussion.

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