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Surface technology for moulds

Coating technology

Coatings optimize the wear behavior as well as functional properties of tool surfaces. Enhance the quality of your parts and the productivity of your production processes. We coat your tools; analyze uncoated and coated surfaces and advice you concerning the selection of application-oriented coatings and surface structures.

  • surface technology for tools/ parts
  • application-oriented selection of surface and coating technologies
  • low temperature CVD coating technology
  • coating of complex geometries (e.g. with undercuts)
  • nano structuring of tool surfaces for enhanced demolding and piracy protection
    • characterization of the coating:
    • adhesion: scratch test, Rockwell penetration test
    • measurement of coating thickness: SEM, XRF and calotte grinding
    • alloy and coating composition: SEM-EDX, XRF
    • hardness of the coating: micro-/ nanoindentation
    • friction coefficient: operational test bed as well as tribometer measurements
    • wear resistance: operational test bed as well as index abrasion measurements
    • corrosion test: current density potential measurements as well as impedance spectroscopy
    • thermal conductivity of thin film coatings: indexed measurements of thermal conductivity
    • applicable coating recommendations: dependent on the used polymer and the problem
    • surface analysis of tool structures
    • 3D measurement technology according to DIN 25178
    • research and development in the area of surface technology


Dipl.-Ing. Frank Mumme Coating technology
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