Cluster Management Excellence


The Kunststoff-Institut offers a number of valuable aids for coping with daily corporate work – comprising products, special services, software, servicing and counselling from one single source.

  • Instruction manuals – about defects on pressed and injection-moulded parts made of thermoplastics and/or thermosets, and initial setting of injection moulding machines (as a book and app)
  • PlagiEx system for authenticity verification using textured surfaces inside moulds and authenticity checks on moulded parts
  • K-Advisor software for systematic, clear documentation of mould sampling
  • Various test items and reference materials for quality assurance
  • Crack Knacker© test system to visualise defects on plastics products and for stress crack testing
  • Structured plates – A5 sample plates in various VDI structure classes, various test specimens
  • Material and additive databases for FTIR spectroscopy and thermal analysis

You can easily order virtually all products of the Kunststoff-Institut from our online shop. Further information about our products, book extracts and downloads of demo versions are also available from our online shop. In recent years, the Kunststoff-Institut has successfully licensed technological know-how and/or products from patent applications.

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