Cluster Management Excellence

Materials engineering/New materials

The Kunststoff-Institut stands out by its many years of material engineering expertise. A main field of activity apart from expert counselling is industry- and company-specific material development for industrial applications. The interdisciplinary cooperation of the Institute’s specialist departments offers the advantage of comprehensive product development facilities. Keywords are: heat management (heat conductivity), flame protection, filler and reinforcement materials, functionality of materials systems, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), antibacterial surfaces, environmental stress cracking, tribology, acoustics, regrind, bioplastics.

The Kunststoff-Institut offers you its support in solving your problems in all of these areas:

  • application-oriented material development
  • evaluation, development and validation of functional materials for industrial solutions
  • use of bio-based materials and renewable raw materials
  • development and modification of special materials
  • material-Upcycling
  • introduction of recycling concepts/use of regrinds in plastics processing
  • selection of materials, definition of requirements profiles
  • minimisation of material types
  • resource efficiency
  • materials engineering training courses
  • fundamental research
  • joint and development projects


Dipl.-Ing. Thies Falko Pithan
+49 2351 1064-135


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