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Joint projects

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The joint projects are purely industry-financed contract research on innovative themes with practice-oriented, highly technological know-how for several companies, which share the project expenses. No public funds are involved, and consequently the participating companies are the exclusive beneficiaries entitled to exploit the results.

  • The project results are predominantly developed by project engineers from the Institute.
  • Quarterly project meetings and online presentations of results are mandatory and ensure continuous technology transfer.
  • No company-specific know-how is disclosed or disseminated, instead, the work is jointly focused on fundamental research, and where necessary followed up by company-specific pools of research hours.
  • All project results are kept strictly confidential for the entire duration of the project.
  • This approach ensures that the subsequent transfer of results to meet company-specific requirements will be successful, and thus the project results are optimally utilised.
  • Typical terms for such projects are 12, 18 or 24 months, and the numbers of participants range from 6 to 50 companies.
  • This enables you to gain extensive research findings within a short time and at relatively low cost!
  • Network member companies benefit from price discounts when booking projects!

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