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to assess the conformity of test results.

The decision rule describes the basis on which all organizations of the Kunststoff-Institut Lüdenscheid state the conformity with specified requirements (according to ISO 17025:2017-11 paragraph 7.8.6).

If there are no standard requirements or different client wishes, we will apply the following decision rule when assessing conformity:

Case I (Passed)
If all individual values are within the specified limits, the test is passed.

Case II (Conditionally Passed)
As soon as one or more individual values are outside the specified limits, but the mean value is within limits, the test is considered conditionally passed.

Case III (Failed)
If the mean value of all measured individual values is outside the specified limits, the test is failed.

Of course, different decision rules can be applied if the customer wishes this and informs in advance.
Customer-specific deviations from the KIMW decision rule are specified in the respective test report.

Revision 1, Stand 9/2018

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