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        Education and training

        The Plastics Institute’s training centre stands out in particular by the high practical relevance of its programme, since the results from its numerous development projects continuously ensure a range of new, invariably innovative technical topics for the participants.

        • Fully air-conditioned seminar rooms and a separate technical lab exclusively dedicated to training provide an appropriate setting
        • Seminars of one or several days, crash courses, workshops, one-week training sessions and specialist lectures offer opportunities for individual time scheduling
        • Group activities in the technical lab, the laboratory and the surface engineering application centre (AOT) enhance the practical relevance
        • Company-specific training courses at the Institute or directly on corporate premises both inside and outside Germany are held to meet specific corporate needs
        • The effectiveness is documented by success monitoring through written and/or oral tests
        • Symposia on interesting technical topics provide opportunities for an exchange of experience among experts

        This year’s training calendar will give you an overview of all events scheduled for this year. The calendar is available in PDF format on the right-hand side.

        We will be glad to prepare a basic and advanced training concept for you, tailored to fit the needs of your company. Another major concern of our basic and advanced training department is the recruitment of junior specialist staff. In addition to Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes in plastics technology, this includes the development and operation of our polymer training centre (PTC).

        By combining theory with practice and also providing integrated residential facilities, we enable trainees to qualify as skilled “plastics technology specialists” within a short time.


        Dipl.-Ing. Torsten Urban Education and Training
        +49 2351 1064-114
        Christine Bergener Administration
        +49 2351 1064-121
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